Monday, January 2, 2012

Soundtracks and Parties

I'm back after a long while and sadly this will be a short post (I think unless I start rambling). But! Check it out, I have some new songs, a video and some dumb pictures. Just thought I would share to keep things rolling along.

So for the music. I've started getting into piano quite a bit and wrote some pretty little pieces. I'm doing alright as it is but I do not consider myself an actual pianist at all. Got to keep practicing. Here are the piano songs:

Now i haven't recorded much more acoustic seeing as though I'm writing heavier things as of lately. But Ive got plenty of songs I just haven't recorded yet so they will be up when I feel like it ;p But here is the latest song I have up. It is called a Beauty in your Carelessness, an Acapella piece. I recorded my voice 10 times and the guitars 2 times. A lot of hard work but for something that sounds very pretty I think it's worth it. Here it is:

The Acapella that I had shown you up top was featured in a video my friend Ariana had created. When she told me about 3 weeks ago that she was gonna use one of my songs I wanted to shit myself. I'm not making any money off of it, but who fucking cares? That's sick in my opinion. Im 100% grateful and the video she made is a beauty in itself. So Enjoy:

I will leave you with some photos, most people have seen these already but I had a bunch of fun in them so check em out.

If you suprise me, this is the exact face I will make because thats my pooping face.
The guy on my back got his ankle crushed. And it was not my fault in anyway.
If you want you're lower back to hurt for 3 weeks, Do the Bernie as hard as I did. Actually, Don't. It's Awful.

My Favorite Photo of me on that night. It looks way too serious.

Just Pooped.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hey I haven't posted this in a while. Oh you didn't notice? Yeah I didn't think anyone reads this either. More of a reason to say whatever I want I guess.


Hey again, haven't posted in a month, but since then it's been a fruitful endeavor. Although my gamecube recently broke and both my cats piss on my floor regularly, I am sipping my way through this cup of coffee we call Life. So, I have been continuing my studies with Joann (My voice teacher) and have met a lot of awesome talented people during these classes. You'd think it'd be easy to talk like an asshole. It really isn't. Not for me at least. But anyway, those classes are coming to an end on the 30th of November. Sad ;( but It is just a stepping stone. Now onto Fun things.


Sean Glaze has continued upon his never-ending trek into the darkness of which is known as "animation". He hasn't slept in years, technically, and he's gonna fall asleep on a bike one day and drive off a curb into a bus. Hopefully, he's wearing a helmet. But, the point of all this is to show the work ethic.

Overall the voices are in tip-top shape, everything is in place. Each character has their own personality and dare I say 'unique voice'. Here is a very early on animatic, a small scene of the Cardinals in 'Megapope'. I provided the voice for the first and third lines and Sean did the second:

I was given the opportunity to lend a specific talent I had recently found out about. If you listen very closely to the third cardinal, the old man voice, you'll hear that two voice are coming out at one time. That is not over dubbed. It is an organic occurance that I have figured out by making noises by myself in my room. It's kinda like Spider-Man finding out his powers for the first time and messing around with them except I'm not a fucking dweeb and no one shot my uncle. School is bullshit, You need to be an maniac and talk to yourself with different personalities.

But as an explanation, I have recently found out from my teacher that this occurs when you push out a high concentrated amount of air on your vocal chords and 'splits' the vocal chord in two by a fold. Its really fucked up and hard to explain but when someone has Laryngitis or if they develop a node on their vocal chords this tends to happen frequently. Somehow I am able to produce this naturally. Sweet. If anyone needs a shitty old man, I'm your guy. I would like to share another link with you that further demonstrates this technique, and that is here:
Theirs barely anything to mention really not much has happened. Except we wrote a whole fucking script for the Pilot. Got it where it needs to be time-wise and It's looking so good I'd dip my balls in it. Went we up to Uarts in Philly and had a little congregation with the current team so far including Sean, Kevin, Frank and I. Went fantastic, a lot of funny stuff thrown around. Lots and Lots of funny stuff. I'm not going to go much deeper than this because its so early in the production so I'll leave it at that.

*Warning: I'm gonna be real gay and try to be inspirational but I feel like its good advice so listen*
It's funny how last January I was asked to do a short piece to be purely a joke and just a fun little project for school. It's really funny actually. Who ever is reading this, listen to me: Don't be afraid to try. Never give up something you haven't even started yet. Never doubt, have faith. At best: you'll have a lot fun and actually enjoy your life. At worst: You know what not to do, get up and try again.

Fisthead has gotten my foot in the door, just a toe, and I couldn't be more grateful. I'm glad that I can help people laugh and not even know them, It's the best feeling in the world. When I met up with Aaron, (you will understand who he is shortly) he was with a classmate that knows about Fisthead and is a fan of the short. To his suprise, he found out that I was the VA of the two main entities in the short, Pinata and Fisthead. He asked me to do a voice of Pinata out of 'fandom' and I did. He laughed and told me "Thank You, That's Hilarious!". I don't know if it's lame to point this out stuff out but I consider this an example of the advice I provided above. All I said was 'Hello' and I helped make a persons day that little bit brighter. It's not even a huge show with millions of dollars in it, it's just something that makes people happy. Just try.



A young man by the name of Aaron, mentioned above, had asked me to provide talent for one of his characters in his upcoming animation through Sean (alongside of Megapope, this cartoon will be premiered at the Uarts Senior Thesis Animation Showing). The Character is known as Cygnus and Wields the power of Black Holes. Yes, He is a villain. Yes, His voice is incredibly deep, Yes, I loved being this guy. Yes, Fuck you I'm done with the Stacatto. Here is a picture of the Character Cygnus drawn and created by Aaron himself:
We recorded the lines in about 2 hours or so. I only had 4 lines and a bunch of grunts. It takes longer than you'd think so don't judge dawg. Had a great time doing it, can't wait to see the final product. Here are some pictures of the other two main characters, Sol and Luna. Not voiced by me but he NEEDS VA'S to fill the spots, check it out:

Cygnus: The Fucker


Again like I said, HE STILL NEEDS VOICES FOR THESE CHARACTERS, so If you fit the description provided and want to be in a great action cartoon, Email him and see whats going on.

Also a total unrelated side note, I dont know if anyone reading has ever had the brand of granola bars by the name of "Sunbelt".... I don't know, they tasted good but I ate two in a row and thought I was on my period. I feel that shouldn't happen. Just saying brah.

Music, Was Good?

So aside from Voice Acting, I have been writing some music as of the past two weeks. Acoustic songs. They seem to have met a warm response and for that I graciously thank everyone who supports me and enjoys my music. I have a link to my Soundcloud Account that I will be leaving right here if you are interested:

Matthew White - Soundcloud Account

All of the songs were written, recorded, sung and played my me. So enjoy and let me know what you think. I am looking for some heavier stuff to get into but since their is no one esle really where I live, I thought I'd make something instead of being a shithead and complaining. Its a hard life living with your parents when they make you food and keep a roof over your head ;p

Oh yeah, I got fired from my job and they had the audacity.... Just check out this Pic:

Simple, Reasonable Question. Didn't even get a response, Fags. Oh well, atleast I don't have to work Black Friday which turned into an even worse "fuck-up-everyone's-life-by-opening-the-stores-up-on-Thanksgiving-Day". Real classy you fucking jackoffs, why don't you just replace the stuffing in my turkey with your dick while you're at it. But thats about all I have to say. L8r ;p

Also this picture

Found this picture from way back in April. New York has shown me nothing but fun and really attractive women.  There's not much more you need in life honestly.

Currently on the TV in the background: Squidbillies. Kinda mad? It's whatever.

Currently listening to Queen - Melancholy Blues

Not a sweeter voice in all of rock music than the moist, soaking wet vocal chords of Freddie Mercury. <3

Monday, October 17, 2011

New York Comic Con, Voice Demos and a Heavy Elephant gets a Review

Yello Thar Boner Dawgs, it has been a bit since my last post. Pretty much nothing happened until this weekend. ALOT of stuff. Very good, yes? Well if you'd like to stay in touch a little more, follow me on twitter @Facebagel

The Hunter

Looking for an outlet to plug his tusks in
Well First thing first, I bought the new Mastodon Album, The Hunter. Its got a bunch of good songs on it, 13 songs in total. Although not a concept album (the first since their debut), its got a great bunch of "shorter" songs on the record making it great just to drop in on at anytime all-throughout. All of the songs are very well-produced and 'popish' I suppose but still has the country-prog-spacey-goofy Mastodon touch to it. In other words, another stomping foot forward to their discography.

But! All is not 100% delicious. There are a few faults on this album. If you liked, for instance, Crack the Skye and you opted for the extra dollar or two for the bonus DVD footage (really cool-in depth and actually pretty funny) then you'd remember that you got like an hours worth of footage. Well I bought this extra DVD for The Hunter thinking it would be a sick inside scoop of what I'd really like to see. Well, No I was wrong. You get about 30 minutes of, dare I say, 'half-assed' commentary track by track and much the same to the Making Of. Kind of a let down to me but what can you do.

Now for the tough part of the criticism.

It may just be me but if you listen to the title track, The Hunter, it sounds very similar to most of the acoustics on Crack the Skye. I have no idea but that just makes me think of previous work rather than going forward. Now if it was part of concept then I'd be tipping my hat to them whole-heartily. But alas it was not :(.

 Thats about it for the complaining. Even despite that last bit of the criticism I still give this album and 9/10. Here are a few songs that I favorite on the Album:

Octopus Has No Friends - I don't know about you but when I hear Brent Hinds Country Pickin' riffs in a heavy song like this one it makes me shit. Like a real good shit that makes you wanna sit there extra long after it done just because its comfortable. Yeah just like that.

Thickening - This song has such a way about it, the intro includes these screaming lead lines that sound like they are bleeding from the amps. A genius of production. And then out of no where the main riff hits you and it has that double time tambourine with some dark lingering vocals. He's pretty much fucking you with his voice.

So enough reviewing, Onto some very important business! I have my Commercial Voice Over Demo recorded by my lovely voice coach, Joann Joella. A darling indeed, she has helped me so much I don't know how to thank her. Her husband mixed the recording and made it sound fantastic, Thank You Kevin just as much. This is my official Voice Over Demo for Commercial use of 2011:

That will be my second "business card" for the most part and hopefully soon enough you fags will hear me saying "BUY THIS HAMBURGER, ITS SICK" on the radio. And hopefully, if I do my job correctly, you'll go out and buy that fucking hamburger. With Cheese. Extra Money. That Good.

Now even though I have completed my 6 week training course with Joann and received my VO Demo, my vocal chords are still flacid, they gotta be boners. So I'm going to continue honing my craft down to the details and get them boners stiff. So I am going to be working with Rich Orlow and very excited to do so. Always nice to learn from someone who knows more than you ;p

 I have been to one Comic-Con before this one and it was held in Philadelphia. It was pretty much a High School talent show in the gymnasium with some foldable tables put up for some dick head with Magic Cards dressed up like Sailor Moon with his ass hanging out. It was awesome. But the Javits Center did not disappoint. Full of life and energy, something I look for in most things I enjoy. I have a bunch of photos I had taken thanks to a friend of mine letting me use his camera for the day. I took like 100 pictures but around 25 of them were just shitty blurry pics or people got in the way of the shot. Fuck you, stop getting in my way so you can watch Inuyasha and Darth Vader play The Black Eyed Peas shitty dance game. Seriously, that was happening. But I bet your dying to see some pictures....Jah, Here are a few:

Excuse me, Fuck you I'm made of Legos.

The only Viewtiful Joe Costume I have ever seen 

Blue and Red
If you look like me you also will not get what you want out of life

Crowds left and right

 I have the rest of the photos including these in my Photobucket:
NYCC Photos
 (Be sure to read the Captions)

Also check out this little guy, had me cracking up for like 5 minutes. I had to stop it to get a video, it was required. Who ever you were, you did a great job and scared a lot of people ;)

 Finally Onto Animation Stuff

Aside from going up to New York for the Con and to see some good friends, Sean and I had a meeting at Duart Studios again for a sit-down read of the first draft of Fisthead : The Pilot. I swear we are still tending to Fisthead, he is still breathing and very much alive! Stay updated with the Fanpage below:

Also about two weeks ago, we recorded the first audio track of Megapope with our mutual friends Matt and Eric along with Sean and I. We had a fantastic time recording it and its starting to come together quite nicely. We have rare behind-the-scenes footage of some rare things happening rarely.

Thats Eric on the Left and Me on the Right

We plan on video taping a lot of our future endeavors but I'm not sure if it will meet the same high-octane thrills as this one did. Well thats about all there is for this update so keep in touch and thanks for stopping by!

~~Watching - My dad watching the Live Traffic Feed with Van Halens "Feel Your Lovin' Tonight"~~

 Listening - Frank Zappa - The Grand Wazoo - Blessed Relief
 <3 Zap

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Video Games, Voice Acting, and Rush

 Another exciting post from yours truly, Shty.

First off, I bought Gears of War 3 and I'd give it a 3/5. NOW WAIT! I only give it that rating because of how easy the game is on Normal mode (I beat it in 11 hours total. I don't know about you but when I was growing up 'Normal' would be unbelievably tough and then you remember theres a hard mode and you then promptly say "Fuck"). Another thing, it doesn't really answer a whole lot of questions by the end of the game :( Although I hear there is going to be an expansion to tie up loose ends, thats bullshit. It's the ending trilogy of a fantastic series and you ruin it by forcing me to get the expansion? How Dare Ye.

......But, I started a new file on hardcore mode so Fuck me and my hypocrisy. So onto actual news in my life.

This past week I have been working on some more voices for my "final exam" given to me by my voice coach and it's coming along swimmingly. I need about 15-20 things that I can make a voice up for and I couldn't be happier with the assignment.

                                                       - Fisthead News -                                                           

Sean and I are going up to New York in the next couple weeks to have a sit-down read of the completed script of the pilot episode for Fisthead with the good people of Duart Studios. So again, have faith in our dedication to the show, We are definitely making more.

And a week after that, I'll be making another trek back to New York for Comic-Con, October 15th(Saturday)....A business trip.... Go up there and pay 800$ to see them in person and then pay an extra 500$ and get some ink scribbled on an index card. Fuck yeah, paying people to see them alive!

Yo gimme dat Cheeseburger real quick.

Aside from complaining about almost everything I also like to give actual information. I had a meeting with Sean about the new animation he is working on in which I have a few voice roles, along with the main character. Very pleased with the way the scratch recordings came out (very funny stuff).

 This is what I like to call Mega Pope:

"When the beloved Pope passes away on the same day as Jesus Christs brain is found. And so through the most logical solution possible, the brain is implanted into the body of the Pope in order to create the most efficient and holy figure head in all of existence. But the bible never explained that Jesus was bat shit crazy."

"Heres a pic of the main character from Seans Blog"

Thats all for this week and gimme some feedback if you please. Thanks Faggot, stay tuned.

 Listening to:
The Trees by Rush. Off the masterpiece known as Hemispheres. Enjoy.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hey my name is Matthew White and this is my first entry.

I have been lazy for a long while and not creating a blog (that's free on top of that), but I finally have one started. I'll try to keep the updates within a week if not two weeks from each other. 

So! As you can see from my profile I am an aspiring Voice Actor and looking forward to getting into the business as far as it will take me. I have been taking classes from my current teacher, Joann Joella, for about a month now and she has helped me immensely. She has helped me record a demo for the New Jersey Lottery that was due to record on September 12 but I did not receive the role. It's still a resume, so it's all good. Also I am in the midst of of having my Commercial Demo mixed in the studio as of right now and should be out within the next two weeks. 

I had been casted by a friend, Sean Glaze, who created an animation and asked me to voice two of the characters and help write some jokes for his junior thesis.

                                                                This is Fisthead

I voice both Fisthead and the PiƱata.

After about a month or so of it being the Youtube, the video had received a considerable amount of views and a studio by the name of Duart in New York had contacted us asking to meet and want to help us with the recording in the future. There is definitely more Fisthead to come so please just bear with us haha.

This is Sean's blog page. Check it out he's got some great information on there:


For anyone that is interested in hearing my Demos or just to chat, here is my Youtube Page:


If you wanna drop me a line, here is my Email:

Thanks and stay in touch!